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Attend a top-ranked school of nursing at one of the nation’s leading public universities, from your home.

The University of Michigan School of Nursing understands the challenges of returning to graduate education, especially for nurses who may be juggling work and family responsibilities. By offering online MSN programs, we aim to provide access to high-quality education that is also flexible to meet the needs of prospective students.

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How It Works

Online degrees provide materials and coursework digitally, allowing students to work through the course on their own time. The majority of content for this degree is taught in an asynchronous manner, allowing students to learn using a schedule that matches their work/life demands. University of Michigan provides a Digital Education resource to prepare students for what they can expect from our online program.

This does not mean students will be left alone to simply read the materials online. Our online programs place a significant emphasis on mentoring, giving students access to experienced faculty who provide mentorship and help them plan for their careers beyond the degree. Students are also provided with support services like a 24 / 7 tech help desk, career services and alumni networking.

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Annual In-Person Intensive

While the majority of this degree happens online, we find value in having time together in person on occasion. Every year, students will gather at the Ann Arbor campus for an in-person intensive, giving students the opportunity to connect face-to-face with faculty and classmates. The four-day (Tuesday-Friday) intensive happens during the second semester each year and includes simulations, speakers, consultative experiences, networking and more.

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Hands-on Experience

This degree also includes an element of hands-on experience, allowing students to take what they learn during their coursework and put it to work in a health care environment. This immersion experience involves spending time with mentors who have practice/content experience in the student’s areas of interest. U-M School of Nursing provides students with placement services based on your professional goals and interests.